A short list of services I provide and projects I’ve recently worked on!

Machine Learning

I’ve undertaken short & long term gigs purely out of interest and sometimes for profit.

Automatic Speech Recognition for low resource European languages

Natural Language Inference for unstructured social media data

Fast Text to Speech for English & French

Rule-based & slightly intelligent chatbots

Audio search for multi-speaker, multi-lingual dataset


Some of my recent time has gone in advising pro-bono & on contract

[Pro-bono] Text-to-Speech for low-resource European languages

[Contract] Semantic text search for Billion+ documents

[Contract] Automated data cleaning utility for SAP data warehouses

[Contract] Phonetics based fuzzy text search

Corporate Training

I’ve delivered (& still do) multitude of training & tutorials in the past, each especially tailored for the specific needs of the client.

[Advanced] ML with Audio (Recognition + TTS)

[Beginner] ML with Text

[Beginner] ML with Time-series

[Beginner] ML for non-coders

[Advanced] Data Workflows at scale w/ Google Cloud


A relatively new vertical and purely pro-bono/ voluntary as of now. I’m interested in seeing this pan out further

Running ML for Audio workgroup w/ Hugging Face

Leading comms for EuroPython w/ a focus to build a stronger community

I’m always game to collaborate (pro-bono & contract) and looking for ways to monetise prior work! drop me a note at reach_vb (https://www.twitter.com/reach_vb) to discuss possibilities 🤗